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Anyfin finance app – check the fairness of your loan

The new year starts with lots of resolutions to increase well-being. In our case, however, we’re focusing on financial wellness. Because today I would like to introduce you to “wellness” for your finances – the financial app Anyfin. You’ve unfortunately bought something on installments or are stuck in overdraft and want to know if you’re really paying fair interest? Anyfin will tell you and help you escape the debt trap for good. The app helps you pay off your installment loan as inexpensively as possible in the short term and sprint through life debt-free from now on. I’ll now tell you in detail how Anyfin works and what the financial app can do for you.

What is Anyfin?

Anyfin helps you take control of your finances, reduce debt and improve your financial situation. In the long run, however, it’s up to you. Debt no thanks! With a few tips I’ll share with you at the end of the article, you’ll manage to escape the debt trap for good in no time.

How does Anyfin work and how do they help me pay off my loans?

Buying on credit is something you can do. It’s as common today as putting butter on your bread at lunchtime. An installment here an installment there and sooner than you think, you’re sitting with heart palpitations at your trusted family doctor. Diagnosis: financial burn-out due to over-indebtedness. Treatment method: systematic debt reduction without losing the ground under your feet – very gently with lots of active support. Because we pay off debts without stomach pinching and shock moments.

Once the installment loan is on the boil and is scratching at your door every month, no more complaining will help. You have to pay it off, whether you like it or not – experience wisely screams from your subconscious. And that’s where Anyfin comes in. While the finance app can’t make your installment purchase disappear into thin air, it can at least make sure you pay it off at the most cost-effective interest rate.

Using an individualized assessment of your financial situation, Anyfin makes the best offer possible. And as it is always the case with the best offer, it is always realistic. So it may be that you already have the best offer and Anyfin can’t do anything more for you at this point than keep your fingers crossed that you can quickly escape the debt trap and finally get back on track debt-free.

The Anyfin principle: Check the fairness and reduce debts step by step

With Anyfin you can reduce your debts at your own pace. And the best part? Anyfin finds the most cost-effective offer for you to pay off your debts as quickly as possible or as minimally as necessary. The app offers you a wide range of options. From a minimum monthly payment to a flexible rate that you can set yourself. Paying more always helps!

Before you can start with the fairness check. Download the app from Anyfin. On the website, you’ll also find many more questions about the financial app. This way, you can get a comprehensive overview and wipe out your debt as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Find your provider

You’ve made it into the Anyfin app, and so with schon almost reached the goal. In the first step you don’t have to do anything else but click on the green button and on “Start request”. After that, you can choose the loan you have taken out. A distinction is made between:

  1. Installment purchase
  2. Credit card
  3. Dispo credit
  4. personal loan

You can then select the lender with whom you have taken out the installment loan.

Step 2: Upload the invoice as a photo or PDF to the app.

Now search for your existing installment loan and make a request in the app. To do this, load the credit invoice into the app. And follow the next steps until you send your invoice.

Now you just have to wait until you get an answer from Anyfin.

Anyfin 20 Euro discount code

With the code “jessika” you get 20 Euro discount. To do this, enter the discount code below in your request, where you leave your email address. With which you will get 20 euros deduction from the refinanced installment loan.

Step 3: Pay off your loan with Anyfin’s low-cost interest rate.

If the finance app has a better offer for you, you will immediately see how much percentage you will save in the future. In addition, you will also find a financial plan, which you can of course customize. Because if you pay more, you’ll be debt-free faster! But note the minimum rate you have to repay.

After you have carefully checked the offer, you can accept or reject it. From the moment of acceptance, you pay off your debt to Anyfin at the new low-cost conditions.

No more debts! With these tips you are guaranteed not to fall into the debt trap again

Never get into debt again! With these tips you can easily escape the debt trap and build up wealth in the long run.

  1. Reflect before you buy. Many of our daily purchases are impulse buys. Start and keep a list of things you would like to have, but don’t buy right away. Instead, give your things on the list 10 tally marks before you consume. One dash for each time you think about buying. Reflect before you make unnecessary purchases.
  2. Never buy in installments, save first and consume later. Can you remember when you were a kid, collecting your money in the piggy bank and saving until you could afford that one thing? That was an incredibly great feeling, wasn’t it? To have saved something from your own hand. Are you ready to experience that feeling again? Then start questioning your consumption.
  3. Buy inexpensively, but with foresight. As you know, there are plenty of great discount deals lurking around the holiday season waiting to be snapped up by you. How about saving your purchase already and also not taking action until you can also grab a great discount. That makes you twice as happy! And the best thing about it, the leftover savings, you can immediately reinvest in something new and save on something great or perhaps invest in the long term.
  4. Reduce debt step by step. Get an overview of your income and expenses and create a realistic plan for your debt reduction. This plan can also be ambitious. AThe important thing is that your goals lead to success and that until you can say goodbye to debt forever.

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