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Tips against the January blues – Lockdown Edition – tagtraeumerin

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are over, spring is still miles away – no wonder if you feel down in January. On top of that, we are in the middle of the Corona Lockdown and no one knows how many times it will be extended. So, 10 years (!) after my blogpost on New Year’s blues, I figured it was urgent time for a reprise. Here we go…

Find a nice calendar: don’t have a calendar for the new year yet? Check it out here. I love using a beautiful calendar to plan my year. Alternatively, print 12 favorite pictures – of your favorite people or vacations you like to remember, for example – and make your own calendar.

Meet for a picnic in the park: If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my first six months with child, it’s that the Muddi saying really is true: There’s no such thing as wrong weather, only wrong clothes. For the New Year’s walk with my grandparents, we just took a big thermos of chai and an Applecrumble in a jar for each of us.

Swap books with your friends: When the libraries and local bookstores stay closed, we just have to get a little more creative to get some good reads. How about swapping your favorite books among your friends? You could send them out and then exchange them on a certain date, like an online book club.

Plan your summer vacation: If you’re in the mood, you can book a vacation now. We have booked a camper for June. The anticipation is already huge! But sometimes it’s also nice to just dream about your vacation. I just ordered the Female Explorer magazine from some great, creative Leipzig women and I’m so looking forward to flipping through it!

Host an online game night with friends: Since November, we’ve been hosting our weekly Quiz Night on Thursdays. One pair each prepares a total of 6 categories with 3 questions each. Everyone else needs letters from A to C (or D) for the answer choices, plus a piece of paper and pen. From “The Royals” to “Get to the Million” there were already some bizarre categories. Even sounds and songs had to be guessed. Alternatively, the game “Among Us” (as an app) is recommended, which is somewhat reminiscent of the werewolf board game.

Drink homemade hot chocolate.
The recipe:
1 cup milk
1/2 tsp (coconut blossom) sugar
1 tsp real cocoa
2 pieces dark chocolate
(some rum or Baileys or spices).

Chop chocolate finely. Heat milk in a pot, add sugar, cocoa and chocolate. Whisk everything together with a whisk. The hot chocolate is ready when everything is well combined. Serve sprinkled with a dash of rum, Baileys or spices such as cinnamon, turmeric or chili, if desired.

Sort out your closet: Grab a mirror, your phone camera and/or a friend and take a good look at each of your clothes. What you haven’t worn in more than a year can usually go. Sort the items into the categories of trash, donate or sell, and refashion (let). Write a list of things you really miss to avoid bad purchases in the future. Get my free Capsule Wardrobe planner here.


re a yoga routine: I signed up for Mady Morrison’s free yoga challenge at the beginning of January and have amazed myself that I’ve managed to do yoga almost every day since. I notice so much how good it is for me. There are also quite wonderful classes at Studio Veda, all of which are currently online. The advantage: you don’t even have to leave your cozy home and book a fixed time. It helps me a lot to schedule the sessions.

Find a good new band: If you regularly listen to music on Spotify, it virtually takes over the search for new music for you. That’s a personalization that I find nice and useful. I just really like discovering new artists! Last year I fell in love with the music of Charlie Cunningham. We even went to a concert just before the first Lockdown, which I think back to fondly. Hopefully there will be (picnic) concerts again this year.

Start a project that’s been too big for you: you love to knit, but you’ve never gotten beyond right and purl stitches? Or you’ve been wanting a wall with chic wallpaper for a long time, but you’re afraid of the effort? Buy a reference book or get advice from an expert – and get started! I’m currently dreaming of a real large cut flower garden, enclosed by a picket fence, with dahlias and English roses. This is a project I want to tackle in the garden this year. The thought of the end result motivates me immensely.

Discover a new movie or series: my favorite series from this fall and winter are “The Queen’s Gambit,” “The Crown,” and “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.” What all these series have in common: strong female characters and a wonderful costume and set design that you literally dive into. Great with homemade popcorn!

Treat yourself to a colorful winter set: As you may know, we actually produce bridal wear in my Leipzig studio. But we also make beautiful winter accessories from super cozy and sustainable materials. So if you want to do something good for yourself and also support a small label that produces in Germany: we do a joy jump for every order during this time.

I hope the tips might help you to forget the Corona everyday life for a moment and be happy and grateful despite everything. But honestly, don’t be hard on yourself if things don’t work out. Some days you just want to pull the covers over your head and not get up again until spring. And that feeling is okay, too. Tomorrow is a new day.

Feel squeezed from afar!

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