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Zoom whiteboard: how to activate and use it

Not only meetings have been digitized in recent years, but also the classic whiteboard, an important tool in meetings. Instead of using a marker and sponge, you can now collect ideas and summarize meetings on a digital white surface with the click of a mouse – for example, in the Zoom meeting tool.

If you’ve never used a Zoom whiteboard before or want to refresh your memory, we’ll give you some useful tips and tricks in the following article.

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What is a Zoom whiteboard?

A Zoom whiteboard is a virtual white board that you can use during Zoom meetings to write down ideas and create graphics. In addition, you can annotate your creations on the whiteboard during an ongoing meeting and allow other members to annotate the illustrations as well.

The sky’s the limit for collaboration: Here’s how to use the Zoom whiteboard.

Available to all Zoom users, both paid and free accounts, the whiteboard is a great tool for digital collaboration. Below, we’ll explain step-by-step how to use a Zoom whiteboard:

  1. First things first: in order to use the Zoom whiteboard, you must either be the person inviting the meeting or have permission from the person inviting the meeting.
  2. Once you have created the meeting, you can then share a whiteboard. To do this, first select “Share Screen” on the Zoom control panel.
  3. Then click on the “Whiteboard” window and select “Share”. Now your zoom whiteboard will begin.
  4. Once you open the whiteboard, you will see all the available tools. In the lower right corner of the screen, you will see additional options for creating new pages and switching between existing pages.
  5. Your team members can also write and draw on the split zoom whiteboard. To do so, they simply click “Annotate” at the top of the screen.
  6. When you’re done, click “End Sharing.”

This allows all participants to use the whiteboard with you. A note: If you have two monitors, you can even view the whiteboard on two screens at once.

Where are Zoom whiteboards stored?

After you finish working with the Zoom whiteboard, you can save any displayed text as an image file using the “Save” option. Note, however: the only person who can save the whiteboard is the person who shares the screen. The saved file will then be placed in your Documents > Zoom folder.

You can also send your whiteboard as an email. To do this, click the “Send” icon and then enter the email address to which you want the whiteboard sent.

Text editing functions on the Zoom whiteboard

Instead of using a blackboard, chalk, or markers, you can easily collect and share thoughts virtually with the Zoom Whiteboard. You can edit your whiteboard with amultiple zoom annotation tools, including text, drawing, stamps, and an eraser.

There are also features that let you restore or undo annotations, erase your drawings, or erase other participants’ and participants’ drawings.

Zoom offers a choice of colors for text and drawings, and you can make the font bold, italic, or otherwise. You can also copy and paste text onto the Zoom whiteboard. So if you want your colleagues to look at a passage or problem together, you can quickly make that information available using the text feature.

It’s also possible to highlight parts of the text and use arrows to draw attention to specific attributes of the text, and change text colors and sizes to distinguish notes about the text from the text. The many features make meetings more dynamic and help you and your team find solutions together faster.

Draw on the Zoom whiteboard

Not only can you edit, highlight, and mark up text with the Zoom whiteboard, but you also have a number of drawing tools. Drawing with the mouse sounds difficult at first. That’s why Zoom has integrated a number of features that allow you to draw either in free form or with intelligent recognition:

  • Smart recognition: Zoom smooths your lines and automatically converts drawings to shapes as soon as you draw on the touchscreen monitor.
  • Free form: Zoom does not smooth your lines and does not automatically convert drawings to shapes. Your drawings appear on the whiteboard exactly as you drew them.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Click the pencil or shape icon in the bottom bar.
  2. Choose a drawing method.
  3. Choose a color and touch the screen to start drawing.
  4. Tap the screen to draw.
  5. If you are not happy with your drawing or want to touch something up, click the Undo icon to make your last drawing disappear. Alternatively, click the trash can icon to delete all drawings on the current whiteboard page.

You can customize a number of the features, such as the annotation pen color and line height. Just tap the Format button on the top toolbar to get started right away.

The eraser is another handy tool that has proven its worth in meetings.

Using zoom whiteboard in breakout rooms

Breakout rooms are used to divide participants into groups for group work – and the Zoom whiteboard can be used here as well. However, as the host or hostess, you need to have the whiteboard feature enabled first. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to “Share Screen” at the bottom of your Zoom meeting. Then click on the green arrow, which opens a menu. Click on “Advanced sharing options” there.
  2. A pop-up menu will now appear. Make sure that under the category “Advanced Sharing Options > Wer can share?”, the “All participants” option is selected so that your team can share the screen.

Zoom whiteboards in breakout rooms are particularly suitable for letting your colleagues brainstorm in group work. When each breakout room is finished, each person can then share or save their screen to share the whiteboard with you or present to the group.

Enable Zoom Whiteboard for Groups in Meeting

If you are in a meeting and want to enable a zoom whiteboard while everyone is participating, follow these steps


  1. In the navigation menu under “User management” click on “Group management”.
  2. There you can click on the appropriate group names in the list.
  3. Now click on the “Meeting” tab.
  4. Under “In Meeting (Basic)” you can click on “Activate”.

Now the zoom whiteboard is enabled and the selected participants can collaborate on the whiteboard. If you want to keep the setting, you can also click on the lock icon and then on “Lock”.

Conclusion: Promoting creative approaches to solutions with the zoom white


The practical advantage of the whiteboard is that all participants can work on it and share it. This creates a collection of ideas and solution approaches that promotes creativity and collaboration. All too often, thoughts are lost in virtual meetings because too many people are present or not everything can be noted down.

With the Zoom whiteboard, you can also ensure that you can share your meeting notes with all participants as soon as your Zoom meeting is over. Just try it out in your next meeting.

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Cover photo: Morsa Images / iStock / Getty Images PlusOriginally

published April 4, 2022, updated April 04, 2022


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